Monday, July 27, 2009

August Lull

August is a quiet time in the garden. The cucumbers have been picked and the new plants are just beginning to bud. The squash plants look tired. Lots of green tomatoes but it will still be a week or more before they come on strong. The tomato spiders even look slow. The green onions are gone, the radishes are gone, the lettuce has gone to seed, and the chard is burned. And I am tired. I need a break from gardening. So I think I will take a break, leave town for a week, have someone else water and weed for a time. And THAT is the August lull. There will soon be plenty to do - pick out the old plants, refresh the soil, plan for the fall crops and decide how many overwintering plants will go in this year; garlic, Walla Walla onions, fennel, peas, and some fava beans, of course, for so many reasons.
I am thinking about some new plants to try; some Old World herbs with mysterious pasts; many with names that end in 'wort' - St. John's, Mug, Mother, Rupture, Salt, and many more worts. It's time to give the seeds a try and see what works, what looks good, smells good, is safe to grow in your garden, and connects us happily to our ancient past.
And it is time to Blog - catch up with this idea of writing and thinking about plants for the garden in new ways. Glad to be back - stay tuned.

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