Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Break Time

There are days when you just don't want to work. Today was one of those. We 'culled' the chicken flock yesterday, put some of them in the freezer as stewing hens, buried some that were just too old. Dispatched some goslings and reduced the flock to four - two breeding pair. That is a very hard thing to do but for all those out there who think it would be fun to have a few chickens, the day will come when they are too old or injured or sick and need some intervention. It's not fun, but hopefully kindly in the long run. It's been many years since we purchased strange meat; meaning meat from an animal that we didn't know or know it's owners. I'm always impressed when the young people who work here show up on days when we butcher, because they understand the necessity. And their own personal need to participate. Unless you are a vegetarian, then you probably should at least witness, if not participate, in the harvesting of the meat that you eat. But it is an exhausting business and no one did much work around here today. The plants got water, but not much transplanting took place. The vultures circled most of the day; their intense scenting ability knowing exactly where the offal was buried. The dogs went crazy barking at the vultures, but even their noses couldn't detect the deep graves, the lime added to decrease the scent. Why am I writing this on a blog about gardening; no reason. Except it is part of the farm experience and probably should be more a part of the life experience that we all share. The good news is we have a healthy foursome of geese, a small flock of chickens, two vigorous dogs, seven interesting cats, a passel of useful part time employees whose youth is infectious, and multiple greenhouses full of lovely, healthy plants. And today, we had trees full of bush tits! Thank you, St. Francis!

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