Friday, August 21, 2009

Local Nurseries

The peppers in the greenhouse are ripening; coloring up through the pepper rainbow from green to black to purple to red with some yellow and orange phases in there depending on the type. They make a colorful addition to an otherwise muted pallet of herbs and young vegetable plants. Green; dark green, light green, grey green, yellow green, variegated green - but mostly green.
I took three trays of Prairie Fire peppers, in full pepper regalia, up to Roger Reynolds Nursery and Carriage House today, along with some flats of onions, basil, cilantro, sages and a few other things. While I was there a much bigger delivery truck pulled in, unloading racks of flowers and bedding plants. Not a huge nursery, but one considerably larger than ours, and it was nice to chat with the driver, who was also be the co-owner of the business, about plants and greenhouses and delivery vehicles and how much we like Maria at Roger Reynolds and how he just said, "Yes, ma'am" and got along with her fine. I was proud of the plants I was delivering. We drive smaller trucks, bring fewer plants, but we appreciate the niche we have at this nursery and greatly appreciate the fact that Roger Reynolds, and many other local nurseries, support local growers small and large. Roger Reynolds is celebrating its 90th birthday/anniversary this next month, and will honor its suppliers and its customers. If you live in the Palo Alto/Redwood City area, I urge you to pay this fine nursery a visit and enjoy the tremendous variety of plants that they have on hand, as well as the lovely gift shop called The Carriage House.
Back on the road, I drove on up to San Francisco to the Ferry Building to make a much smaller delivery to a much smaller shop selling herbs, succulents and orchids. The Kingdom of Herbs sells our organic herbs and we deliver fresh ones each week. There are lovely gift items in this tiny shop, but very little light which is a challenge for them and the herbs they display. The plants sell quickly though and their new owners - I hope - take them home to a brighter place.
Certified Farmers' Markets continue to be the best place for us to sell our little plants; but having additional retail outlets like Roger Reynolds and The Kingdom of Herbs is a terrific addition for us and for our customers.
We only have four hours each week at our Farmers' Markets; so if you think of us between markets and need a plant or two, pay a visit to these outlets and, as always, support your local nurseries.

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