Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tourism: It's like a Bus man's holiday, I suppose, visiting farmers' markets in other places just to see how they are alike, how different. We just returned from a whirlwind trip to the Midwest to visit family. In the few hours that we had to ourselves, we took off to visit the markets; one in Olde Worthington (Ohio) and one in downtown Columbus, the North Market. The Olde Worthington market was a typical weekend market with vans and trucks, 10 X 10 canopies, and lots of summertime color in the fruits and vegetables. The differences were notable. The vendors were all alike - meaning there were no Latino, no Hmong no Asian vendors. Not surprisingly, there were no fish vendors. The other difference I noted was that there was far less specialization; nearly everyone was selling sunflowers, cut flowers, zucchini and tomatoes no matter what their primary commodity. There were at least three vendors selling grass fed beef and pastured poultry - but it is the Midwest and there is nothing if not green grass everywhere you look.
The North Market is another thing altogether. A permanent structure with a long history as a market place. It's not fancy, something like Pikes in Seattle. There was a standard farmers' market outside on the Saturday when we visited, but that is a once a week activity. Otherwise, the North Market is open seven days a week, year round. Lots of variety and one of the best purveyors of meat that I've seen in ages; fresh duck, duck fat, duck confit, whole rabbits, stewing hens, organic chicken feet, lamb AND mutton and goat - a terrific selection. In addition to all the seasonal vegetables and fruits, there were bakeries, cut flowers, a sushi bar, an organic coffee bar, kitchen wares - and chocolate. If you would like to know more about it, Google North Market Columbus and you will be there instantaneously.
It's fun to visit farmers' markets when you are away from home. Give it a try next time you are visiting far away lands.

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