Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seascape Strawberries


This is one of the easiest fruit plants to grow in the home garden. You will need to set aside a portion of your garden to maintain this perennial plant; planting your bare root or seedlings between 8 - 12 inches apart.

Seascape is the variety of strawberry plant that we sell, and it is grown extensively in the Pajaro Valley in commercial fields and private gardens. We receive our bare root stock in November and begin bringing them to market in December. This is a perfect time to plant them for the earliest harvest. Depending on the weather, you may begin to see flower bud clusters shortly after planting. It is best to remove those early buds to encourage root development. Later in the season, the plant will send out runners. It is also best to cut those back to encourage more fruit. In late fall you may allow the runners to grow and develop new plants for the following season. You can pull the older plants out every two years as the strawberry patch matures.

Seascape was developed by UC Davis as an ever bearing strawberry plant that produces consistently throughout the season (March - October). It does not require a lengthy dormant period or intense chilling so is more productive in our moderate coastal climate. And the berry tastes really good!

Strawberries like a rich, loamy soil with good drainage. If the soil is too sandy, add mulch to hold moisture during the dryer summer months. The plants do not like soggy soil, so avoid planting in clay soils. Keep the plants well picked and do not allow old or moldy fruit to stay on the plant for any length of time.

For urban gardeners, strawberry plants do well in large containers like half wine barrels or three to five gallon pots. Full sun is critical to fruit production so make sure you have a good sunny location before investing time and energy into container gardening. There are so many ways to enjoy strawberries that I couldn't really decide on just one. My favorite way to enjoy strawberries? Eaten warm in the garden!


  1. My favorite way to enjoy my strawberries is watching my daughter and granddaughter eat them warm in the garden! :)

  2. At that point, inside the following couple of days or by this end of the week you can begin growing a fall plant. It should take you a hour or less to make them go. Anyway, what are we sitting tight for? We should get excessively it!

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