Saturday, April 3, 2010


Perhaps I write about cucumbers more than I should. But I love them, and I want you to love them, too. They are fairly easy to grow in the garden, but even easier in containers on a deck or patio, especially if they have a trellis they can climb. The Little Leaf Pickling Cucumber is the first one we start because it is tolerant of cold weather and is small and compact. It grows well in a 2 - 3 gallon container. The cucumber tastes good fresh and also makes a good pickle. There is only one 'trick' you need to know to make a good cucumber and that is consistent watering, or consistent moisture. This is one garden plant that really benefits from a timed drip system. Growing it in a container on the deck or patio ensure that it can be closely monitored for sun and moisture. Pick the cucumbers when they are small and dense whether you need them or not; they will do better stored in the refrigerator than left on the plant. There are a lot of simple pickle recipes that do not require a pressure cooker and/or lots of canning equipment. These are refrigerator pickles and they DO NOT KEEP FOREVER. So, keep track of the dates when you brined and stored them. That's it for now. I'll post some information soon about the incredibly expensive ROCKY cucumber and why it's worth the price!

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