Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It' Spring. Time to think about Winter Squash!


Now is the time to think about where you will plant your winter squash. Because soon it will be time to plant your winter squash if you want to have carving pumpkins for Halloween and lots of luscious, rich, deliriously gorgeous winter squashes for wintertime soups, stews, and as a terrific roasting vegetable. Don't wait til August. Plan for them now and plant them in May or June. Many of the larger pumpkins take 100 - 120 days in our climate. Plan for a four month growing period. If you plant in May, then the plants will be ready to harvest in September. And they can sit on the vine for a month or two after that. My rule of thumb, plant winter squash when I plant bush beans; they both appreciate a warm soil and consistent watering. Many squashes are prone to powdery mildew and there isn't much you can do about that. Feed the soil to keep them healthy, spray with a diluted milk mixture (the mildew doesn't like the lactic acid), and keep the plants consistently moist like a cucumber. Not too wet, just moist. Store the pumpkins and squash in a cool, dry place and use as needed. This is a very tasty, attractive, nutritious and versatile plant that will delight you and all the children around you.

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