Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Relax - There's Plenty of Time

Some people plant tomatoes in March. Others wait til May Day. Doesn't really matter - you will all get your tomatoes at the same time, anyway. In this climate, that means September and October. Soil temperatures are still in the 40/50 degree range. Don't even think about planting beans til the soil temperatures reach 60 degrees. Eggplant and peppers should wait, too. But remember; we live in paradise. There are many, many things to put in the garden now; peas and onions and lettuce and broccoli and kales and mustards, radishes and carrots. Tomatoes, too. Most of our summer squashes will do OK in the cooler spring weather, but they may lose that first set of blossoms. More will come. Our growing season is very, very long - from February to December, so gardening isn't just an April frenzy. It is a year round activity that can provide loads of fresh produce that is seasonal and delicious. No rush. There's plenty of time. Those tender little cucumbers can wait a week or so. Be patient. You will be rewarded!

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